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Customized logistics solutions for the Oil&Gas sector

Welcome to Nicomex! We are here to assist you in finding the best import and export solutions, always tailored to your specific needs. Our team of experts has extensive experience in customs clearance and international logistics, particularly in the Oil&Gas market.

The import and export operations are complex for the following reasons:


  • Regulations and bureaucracy involved in the process.

  • Extensive set of required documentation.

  • High and variable tariffs and taxes.

  • Special regimes with specific rules, such as Repetro-Sped.

  • Challenging logistics, including transportation and storage of specialized cargo.


Despite the complexity, Nicomex is prepared to offer efficient import and export solutions, with personalized and specialized assistance at each step of the process. Get in touch with us and discover how we can help simplify international logistics and optimize your business.

Simplify your company`s import and export with Nicomex.

Logistica Internacional para petroleo e gas

Logistics solutions in import and export for the Oil&Gas industry.

Repetro-Sped, Repetro-Industrialization, Project Cargo, and Dangerous Goods: challenges of foreign trade in the Oil&Gas industry, learn how to overcome them with Nicomex's logistics and customs solutions.


Complete and secure customs clearance for import and export at the main ports and airports of Brazil.


Safe and efficient international air freight forwarding, working with strategic partners at major airports around the world. Our team, duly qualified and trained by IATA, ensures excellence in the services provided.


Safe, efficient, and cost-effective international sea freight forwarding. As a Multimodal Transport Operator and Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC), we provide customized solutions for your imports and exports.


Comprehensive logistics solutions for the import and export of oversized and complex cargo through air and sea transportation. Additionally, we provide specialized consulting to ensure safe and efficient transportation from origin to destination


Administrative and customs advisory services for all matters related to import, export, and special customs regimes.


Track the stages of your import and export processes in real-time through our web platform, NCX FUP.


International Trade Services for Various Segments of the Brazilian Industry

Address your logistical needs with our expertise across different segments of the Brazilian industry. We provide integrated and customized solutions for sectors such as Oil & Gas, Naval, Renewable Energy, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Carpentry, among others. Explore our logistics management to optimize your supply chain.





Logistics Management for Import and Export of Your Company

Request a customized quote for the import and export of your company. Tell us about your needs, and our specialists will provide an appropriate quotation for your case, with qualified and prompt service.


  • When importing, how can I know which tax is applied to my goods?
    All merchandise sold has a tax code called the Mercosur Common Nomenclature (NCM). The NCM is based on the Common External Tariff Nomenclature (NTEC) of the World Trade Organization (WTO). Each NCM carries the tax information applied to the importation of goods, such as II, IPI, PIS and COFINS. Because it is a very technical job and of great importance in the import process, it is recommended that your Customs Agent be consulted and hired to present the tax applied to your merchandise.
  • In the Oil&Gas segment, much is said about the Repetro-Sped regime, why is it so well known and important?
    As it is a sector with a high tax burden at the end of its production/sales chain, it was necessary to create a special customs regime that relieved the cost of investment to explore, develop and produce oil and gas in the country. In this way, the Federal Government created Repetro in 1999 (currently called Repetro-Sped). In short, it allows operators and their service providers to import capital and consumer goods without paying federal taxes, in both temporary and permanent ways.
  • Still in the Oil&Gas segment, another regime called Repetro-Industrialization has been gaining fame. What is this scheme about?
    This regime is intended for national industries that supply goods to the Oil & Gas industry in the country. It allows these industries, once qualified, to import and buy domestically intermediate products and raw materials without paying federal and state taxes, with the commitment that the final product is sold to a Repetro-Sped beneficiary.

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We are available to schedule a meeting to understand the customs and logistics needs of your company's import and export. It will be a pleasure to provide more details about Nicomex, our solutions, and successful case studies.

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