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Import and Export Customs Clearance

Import and Export
Customs Clearance

We are specialists in Customs Clearance for Import and Export. With over 90 years of experience, we offer customized and efficient solutions to speed up the customs clearance process, ensuring that your goods reach their final destination safely and on time. Our highly qualified team and extensive network of partners enable us to handle all the bureaucratic steps, ensuring that your cargo crosses borders without complications.


Our focus is on foreign trade, serving various sectors of national industry.




Customs clearance - Common challenges faced by Oil and Gas companies when importing and exporting


Complex customs regulations

Customs laws and regulations can be confusing and vary significantly between countries. Dealing with the paperwork, tariffs, taxes and procedures specific to each nation can be a challenge for companies.


Documentation and compliance

Documentation requirements are strict and must be met to the letter to avoid delays or problems with customs clearance. Errors or omissions can lead to rejection or fines.


Time and efficiency

The customs clearance process can be lengthy, and delays can impact the entire supply chain, resulting in additional costs and customer dissatisfaction.


Costs and tariffs

Customs duties and taxes can represent a significant part of import and export costs. Managing these costs and ensuring the correct classification of goods is essential to avoid additional expenses and legal problems.


Changes in regulations

Customs laws are subject to frequent changes, and companies need to be up to date on the latest changes to avoid surprises and remain compliant.

Inspections and quality control


Cargo that requires customs clearance is subject to rigorous inspections to ensure that the goods comply with all regulations and quality standards.


International logistics

Dealing with the transportation and coordination of goods in different countries involves various logistical challenges, such as selecting transportation providers, tracking shipments and managing deadlines.

Multiculturalism and languages


Negotiating with customs authorities and agents in other countries can be a cultural and linguistic challenge, requiring communication skills and intercultural understanding.


Risk management

Companies need to be prepared to deal with risks such as cargo damage, theft, losses or unexpected changes in market conditions.

Safety and compliance with international standards


Goods need to comply with international safety, health and environmental standards in order to be cleared by customs, which can be a complex task.

Customs Clearance

We operate in Brazil's main ports and airports and are a benchmark in customs legislation and regimes. We offer a complete, agile and secure customs service. 


We specialize in customs clearance under special regimes such as:

  • Repetro-Sped, 

  • Repetro-Industrialization, 

  • Drawback,

  • Bonded Warehouse and

  • REB. 


 Customs Clearance - Stages:


  • Technical Translation and Tax Classification of Goods

  • Analysis and approval of documents for shipment, such as Invoice, Packing List and Bill of Lading

  • Analysis of Special Customs Regimes and their respective documents

  • Registration of Customs Declarations (DI, DUIMP, DUE, LI and LPCO)

  • Issuing RFB Terms and Forms

  • Customs Tax Conference in Brazil's main ports and airports

  • Organizing the departure of cargo from terminals with carriers


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Our certifications and commercial alliances bring us credibility and operational capillarity.


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Nicomex always participates actively in our demands, showing commitment and knowledge of the customs service, both in foreign trade with its partners and especially with regard to Brazilian legislation on the subject in question. I would say that Nicomex adds a lot of value to our business and is a strategic partner for the prosperous future ahead.
I.N. - Ampelmann do Brasil


Nicomex has done an incredible job in our processes, taking care of all our needs and urgencies, acting at the highest professional and honest level with our company.
D. C - Argentera Engineering

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