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Outsourcing international logistics services

International logistics outsourcing

For companies that operate globally and depend on international transportation for the success of their operations, the international logistics area is an important competitive differentiator. Transportation errors, delivery delays and unplanned costs can jeopardize the success of the operation.


Logistics outsourcing is a reality in the oil and gas industry and, when structured well, can simplify your company's global supply chain.


Nicomex has extensive experience in international logistics, a 100% committed team and an international network of partners, capable of making complex operations simpler and guaranteeing a smooth flow of imports and exports.


We operate in foreign trade for different segments of Brazilian industry




Outsourcing import and export management can bring several strategic benefits to Oil & Gas companies


Specialized Expertise

Our team has in-depth knowledge of the regulations, documentation and customs processes specific to the oil and gas industry, ensuring compliance and avoiding possible errors.


Operational efficiency

We optimize import and export management, warehousing and cargo delivery, resulting in more efficient processes and reduced costs.


Focus on Core Business

By delegating import and export logistics to Nicomex, the company can concentrate its resources and efforts on its core activities.


Risk reduction

The experience acquired by our experts over the years allows us to map and deal with potential risks such as transportation delays, regulatory problems and other complications.


Cost reduction

Nicomex has a large team of professionals who will take care of each logistics operation in an integrated manner. In addition to saving on personnel/manpower, outsourced management can result in substantial gains due to better management of transportation, storage and customs processing costs.


Global Networking

Our partners distributed at strategic points around the world can facilitate expansion into new markets or the acquisition of suppliers.



Tracking, visibility and data management for all shipments. NCX FUP is Nicomex's own system for monitoring import and export processes in real time.

Outsourcing import and export management

Outsourcing the import and export area can be a smart strategy for oil and gas companies, allowing them to focus on their core activities while taking advantage of the experience and efficiency of logistics specialists.


Nicomex has experience in outsourcing import and export management for medium and large volume clients.


Logistics outsourcing offers:

  • Work guided by standard work procedures (SOP);

  • Service level agreement (SLA); 

  • Key performance indicators (KPI).


Let's talk!

Simplify the outsourcing of your company's import/export management with Nicomex.


Schedule a call with our team and request a quote for your next import or export.



Our certifications and commercial alliances bring us credibility and operational capillarity.


Discover our clients' experiences


Nicomex always participates actively in our demands, showing commitment and knowledge of the customs service, both in foreign trade with its partners and especially with regard to Brazilian legislation on the subject in question. I would say that Nicomex adds a lot of value to our business and is a strategic partner for the prosperous future ahead.
I.N. - Ampelmann do Brasil


Nicomex has done an incredible job in our processes, taking care of all our needs and urgencies, acting at the highest professional and honest level with our company.
D. C - Argentera Engineering

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