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International Air Transport

International Air Transport

International air cargo transportation presents major challenges, such as customs procedures, complex documentation, language barriers and cultural differences.
Coordinating efficient transportation between different countries requires specialized knowledge and compliance with each nation's specific regulations.

Our team is qualified and regularly trained by IATA, which is why we offer safe and agile international air freight forwarding. In addition to our international partners, we work with the main airlines to operate our shipments from:

  • Dangerous loads

  • Temperature-controlled and perishable cargo

  • Overweight or oversized loads

  • International moves and fairs


Acting in Foreign Trade for Different Segments of Brazilian Industry




Common logistical challenges faced by oil and gas companies when importing and exporting


Legal and regulatory restrictions

There are many regulations and legal restrictions relating to the transportation of cargo, such as limitations on weight, size and type of cargo. Oil and gas companies must comply with these regulations to ensure safety and compliance, which can be an additional challenge.


Logistics management

Coordinating cargo transportation efficiently involves logistics planning, scheduling, real-time monitoring and effective communication between all those involved, such as suppliers, carriers and recipients.


Risks and damage to cargo

During transportation, cargo is subject to various risks, such as traffic accidents, theft, weather damage and improper handling. Protecting cargo against these risks can be challenging and requires proper packaging, cargo insurance and security measures.


Transportation costs

Cargo transportation can be expensive, especially over long distances or on international routes. Managing these costs and ensuring that transportation is economically viable is a constant challenge for companies.


Time and deadlines

Transportation delays can have a significant impact on companies' operations. Meeting tight deadlines and ensuring on-time delivery can be difficult due to a number of factors.

International air transport

Despite the complexity, our team is prepared to offer efficient import and export solutions, with personalized and specialized service at every stage of the process. We have a consolidated partnership with airlines and freight forwarders at strategic points.


We specialize in international air transport, dealing with hazardous cargo, temperature-controlled and perishable cargo, as well as overweight and oversized cargo. We also handle international removals and sample transportation for international trade fairs.


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Our certifications and commercial alliances give us credibility and operational capillarity.


Discover our clients' experiences


Nicomex always participates actively in our demands, showing commitment and knowledge of the customs service, both in foreign trade with its partners and especially with regard to Brazilian legislation on the subject in question. I would say that Nicomex adds a lot of value to our business and is a strategic partner for the prosperous future ahead.
I.N. - Ampelmann do Brasil


Nicomex has done an incredible job in our processes, taking care of all our needs and urgencies, acting at the highest professional and honest level with our company.
D. C - Argentera Engineering

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