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Special Transports and Cargo project

Logistics for Special Transportation and Project Cargo

The transportation of large loads, also known as heavy loads or special loads, presents unique logistical challenges due to their size, weight and dimensions. 


This type of transportation is a complex logistical challenge that requires expertise, detailed planning, strict compliance with regulations and cooperation between various parties to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of these special cargoes.


These loads generally include heavy industrial equipment, wind turbines, transformers, large machinery, infrastructure components and other bulky items.


Our focus is on foreign trade, serving various sectors of national industry.




Logistical issues faced by oil and gas companies when importing and exporting large cargoes


Detailed planning

The transportation of heavy loads requires meticulous planning to ensure that all stages of the process are coordinated efficiently. This includes precise routing, evaluating routes, identifying critical points (such as bridges, tunnels and sharp bends) that may present restrictions on the size of the load and ensuring that all regulations are followed.


Choosing the right equipment

It is essential to select the right transportation vehicles to handle the size and weight of the loads. This can include special trucks, modular trailers, special platforms or even the use of vessels, aircraft or special rail wagons, depending on the distance and type of transport.


Licenses and permits

Transporting large loads usually requires special licenses and permits from local and national authorities, as these loads can exceed the dimensions and weights allowed by standard regulations.


Escort and monitoring

In many cases, the transportation of heavy cargo requires escorts and monitoring by traffic authorities to ensure the safety of other drivers and the cargo itself during the journey.


Adequate infrastructure

Ensuring that routes are in suitable condition to accommodate large loads is a major challenge. This can involve the need to reinforce or modify roads and bridges for the safe passage of cargo.

Risk management


The transportation of heavy loads poses additional risks of accidents, damage to cargo and impact on the environment. Careful risk management is essential to avoid problems and ensure safety at all stages of the operation.


Handling and loading/unloading

Loading and unloading large loads requires specialized equipment and careful planning to prevent damage to the cargo and ensure the safety of the workers involved.


Coordination with stakeholders

The transportation of heavy loads often involves several stakeholders, including suppliers, carriers, government authorities, licensing agencies and customers. Clear communication and efficient coordination are key to the success of the project.

Logistics operation for large cargo

Combined with the quality of our national and international partners, we provide differentiated solutions to enable the transportation of your special cargo, whether with any kind of excess dimensions and/or weight.

We make sure that your cargo is shipped with all safety elements met. For this type of transportation, we operate the following freights:


Breakbulk ship (Full/part);

Bulk carrier;

Cargo Aircraft (Full/part).


We specialize in special transports:


  • Dangerous loads;

  • Overweight or oversized cargo;

  • Consolidated (LCL) and fractional freight;

  • Containerized Cargo (FCL);

  • Total or partial charter (Breakbulk).


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Our certifications and commercial alliances bring us credibility and operational capillarity.


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Nicomex always participates actively in our demands, showing commitment and knowledge of the customs service, both in foreign trade with its partners and especially with regard to Brazilian legislation on the subject in question. I would say that Nicomex adds a lot of value to our business and is a strategic partner for the prosperous future ahead.
I.N. - Ampelmann do Brasil


Nicomex has done an incredible job in our processes, taking care of all our needs and urgencies, acting at the highest professional and honest level with our company.
D. C - Argentera Engineering

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