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Road transportation

Road transportation

The road freight transportation scenario in Brazil is challenging and fundamental to the success of national and multinational companies. Logistical challenges such as delays, congestion and high operating costs are constant concerns in the logistics departments of organizations that depend on this mode of transport. 


Overcoming these challenges requires a strategic approach and the use of modern logistics management technologies. At Nicomex, we offer customers technological solutions, reliable partnerships with carriers and a proactive approach to efficiently address these challenges in road freight forwarding.


Acting in Foreign Trade for Different Segments of Brazilian Industry




Common logistical challenges faced by oil and gas companies when importing and exporting


Freight costs

The cost of freight can be one of the main obstacles for companies, especially when it comes to long distances or deliveries to regions that are difficult to access. Negotiating competitive rates and balancing costs with quality of service is a constant concern.


Vehicle availability

Finding vehicles available to transport the cargo at the right time can be a challenge, especially during times of high demand or in remote regions.


Delivery times

Ensuring that shipments are delivered within the deadlines agreed with customers is a significant logistical challenge. Delays in transportation can lead to reputational and customer satisfaction problems.


Tracking and visibility

Maintaining control and visibility of cargo throughout the transportation process is crucial to avoiding problems such as loss, theft or damage. Companies need effective tracking and monitoring solutions to guarantee the safety of their goods.


Regulations and documentation

The road transport industry is regulated by various laws and regulations, and ensuring compliance with all the requirements is a challenge for companies. Proper documentation management is essential to avoid legal and administrative problems.

Road freight forwarding

With years of experience in the logistics market, Nicomex has a wide network of road transport partners who together operate competitive, predictable road freight agencies throughout the country and across borders. 


Our commitment to excellence and innovation allows us to deliver customized solutions, adapted to the specific needs of each client, regardless of size or sector.


We specialize in road freight:


  • Full load (FTL)

  • Consolidated loads (LTL)

  • Special temperature-controlled trucks

  • Overweight or oversized cargo.


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Our certifications and commercial alliances bring us credibility and operational capillarity.


Discover our clients' experiences


Nicomex always participates actively in our demands, showing commitment and knowledge of the customs service, both in foreign trade with its partners and especially with regard to Brazilian legislation on the subject in question. I would say that Nicomex adds a lot of value to our business and is a strategic partner for the prosperous future ahead.
I.N. - Ampelmann do Brasil


Nicomex has done an incredible job in our processes, taking care of all our needs and urgencies, acting at the highest professional and honest level with our company.
D. C - Argentera Engineering

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